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Leads to MaxGiving Fundraiser partnership via OnPoint CCU
Leads to MaxGiving Fundraiser partnership via OnPoint CCU

At Monitors Jewls, Durado & Urso UCMerced Palmares Group em 2014

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  • We conduct our own educational activities 
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Black Lives Matter - Links to what you can do

This is inherent in the nature of all forms of Capoeira.


The songs sing about simple fact that all people are equal no matter which philosophical way one tries to over complicate that with pedantic disection and psuedo science gone mainstream.


When one group is singled out and dehumanized for whatever reason it goes against this baseline mantra that should be able to go without saying.


When this isn't the case: We have an obligation to counter that dissection by any means necessary, if a peacefully lawful covenant cannot be reached across the diglossial semantics. 


The song in Capoeira: "Da Da Da no Nego, no Nego voce nao da..."  Speaks of Black Humans not being able to take part in the society to which they were born into.


The song in Capoeira:  " O Nega que vendei a e?"  is sung with the interrobang inherent in the question.  Meaning that; it doesn't mean anything if your products are good or bad.. the white world is calling it into question simply on the basis of the vendor being black, an exslave, forced into a life of poverty, excluded from resources, which is a line drawn on where they will be tolerated by the white majority of the time and tide of the time(s) sung about.


Much of Southern white Brazil still looks down on anyone playing Capoeira as people doing that 'dirty black street dance".


Our group is inclusive to everyone.  But, if you're against Black Lives being treated fairly, or feel that Native Americans should be thankful for White Genocide - because it brought them J-s-s.  Our group is not for you.


We love fiscal conservatives, we love fiscal liberals - all that stuff is up for debate.


What isn't up for debate is that coopting one thing or another - lying about one thing or another - such as stealing Hawai'in culture to promote a white instigated race war by using tiki torches and hawaiian shirts to send a visual coded message - among a growing list of other appropriations for the 'evil side of the force'. This is not acceptable.  


Sending out tear gas on peaceful protestors to agitate them into fighting for their lives or promoting an image of chaos just to have a photo op holding the book of the forgiveness meme in front of a forgiveness temple - is not acceptable - coopting religious ideals for political gain is corruption.  The same corruption of usery charged when upselling peoples sacrifices of lambs to a better model for G-d to accept is said to have led the Massiah to go on a one person riot themself. According to written legends in the memebase.


Modern European Americans need to carry out their lives in accordance with the notion of being forgiven of sins of past generations that are visited upon them and actively seek to undue the damage that has been at every turn.


Vision Statement Revision

Our vision is to have fun while growing in both game skills, as well as the greater relative sphere of life.

Mission Statement Revison

Providing all participants with the necessary resources to go and compete at Afro Brazilian cultural enrichment events. To send students from Portland to visit other groups locally, regionally, nationally,& internationally. To bring participants and players of all levels from other places around the world to experience our playing culture here in Portland.


G.C.A.M.C.N.S.S.A. Is a sports and sports culture related nonprofit  501c3 for facilitating team play for local, regional, national, and international competition in the sport dance, music, and choir forms of Capoeira Angola.

Sending Kids and Adults From the Pacific North West to Compete Around the Nation, Brazil, and Elsewhere World Wide.

More on this as this executive summary develops.


Fund raising for this continues - However, all travel plans are on hold due to COVID19 concerns.

Sending Kids and Adults From Brazil to Compete In Portland

More on this as progress develops.


Fund raising for this continues - However, all travel plans are on hold due to COVID19 concerns.

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